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      347 Fifth Avenue
      New York, N.Y
      April 22, 1939
Mrs. J. M. Helm
      White House
      Washington, D.C.
Dear Mrs. Helm:
I have both your letters of the 20th and 21st before me, and 
      am very sure that we understand you perfectly. The two frames 
      have been put in work and the photographs themselves will be 
      returned to you by insured mail on Monday. How, in regard to 
      a few technical details
      The silver on the frame for the President's picture will be one 
      inch wide, which is not too wide for a frame of this size, and 
      at the same time will allow for engraving the President's shield 
      in all its detail. The silver on the frame for Mrs. Roosevelt's 
      photograph will be 7/8 of an inch wide. You were quite right 
      in assuming that we have a copy of the Roosevelt Crest.
In regard to the backs on the frames, unless it does not meet 
      with your approval, these will be made of Bakelite. This is superior 
      to velvet, inasmuch as the frame can be cleaned without soiling 
      the back, and there is no chance of its becoming loose or warped, 
      as is often the case where there is a velvet back.
We expect to make shipment of both of these frames by the 
      latter part of next week, which we hope will be in ample time 
      for your needs.
      M. Bernheim 
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