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                      January 4, 1944                       
                    Dear Clemmie and Winston:-              
      I find the enclosed clipping on my return home.       
Evidently, from one of the paragraphs, the Dessert News of 
      Salt Lake City claims there is a direct link between Clemmie 
                         and the Mormons.                   
And the last sentence shows that, Winston is a sixth cousin, 
                          twice removed,                    
      All of this presents to me a most interesting study in heredity. 
      Hitherto I had not observed any outstanding Mormon characteristics 
  in either of you-- but I shall be looking for them from no
      I have a very high opinion of the Mormons -- for they are excellent 
      citizens. However, I shall never forget a stop, which my Father 
      and Mother made in Salt Lake City, when I was a very small boy. 
      They were walking up and down the station platform and saw two 
      young ladies each wheeling a baby carriage with youngsters in 
      them, each about one year old. My Father asked them if they were 
      waiting for somebody and they replied "Yes, we are waiting 
      for our husband. He is the engineer of this train". Perhaps 
         this was the origin of the Good Neighbor policy|   
                       As ever yours,                       
        The Right Honorable and Mrs. Winston S. Churchill,  
                        10 Downing Street,                  
      London, England. 
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