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FDR --> Winston Churchill on Japanese civilian prisoners 1/44
FDR --> Clemmie and Winston Churchill 1/4/44
Note on letter to Churchills - Currently Unavailable
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 1/24/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill 2/7/44
FDR --> Grace [Tully! re: film "Know Your Ally" 2/22/44
Winston Churchill --> FDR re: Damage to 10 Downing St. from bombing 2/23/44
Note re: photograph of 10 Downing St. 2/23/44 - Currently Unavailable
Note from H.H. re: Churchill photo on bombing damage. (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Photograph of damage, 10 Downing St. (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Note: title of photograph, date, location of photo (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Memorandum Cordell Hull--> FDR 3/31/44
Draft of message to Prime Minister Churchill re: Ireland shipping restrictions (n.d.)
Memorandum to Secretary of State --> FDR 5/18/44
FDR --> "To The Former Naval Person" re: three separate states with separate governments in Balkan confederation 5/18/44.
FDR --> Winston Churchill 5/20/44
Winston Churchill --> FDR re: government of Persia 5/21/44
FDR --> Winiston Churchill (n.d.)
Memorandum FDR --> Secretary of State 6/5/44
Memorandum Cordell Hull --> FDR re: Basic English 5/31/44
Winston Churchill --> FDR re: Basic English 4/20/44
Note [FDR! --> unknown re: Cordell Hull consulting with Foreign Relations Committee on proposal for Basic English (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Winston Churchill --> FDR 6/16/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill 7/10/44
FDR --> Capt. Powers Symington re: documents forwarded to Churchill 7/7/44
Powers Symington --> FDR 6/30/44 - Currently Unavailable
Note from G.G.T. --> FDR (n.d.)
Winston Churchill --> FDR Thank you letter for forwarding naval documents
FDR --> Powers Symington 8/18/44
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 7/13/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: Henry Morgenthau, Jr. visit to England 7/15/44
Winston Churchill --> FDR 8/5/44
File memo from [unknown! re: messages received by FDR that were referred to Adm. Leahy 8/18/44
Memorandum FDR -->Admiral Leahy 8/21/44
Memorandum E.R. -->FDR 8/21/44
Memorandum written by Winston Churchill 9/15/19 quoted in "The World Crisis The Aftermath"
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 8/22/44
FDR --> Adm. Leahy 9/4/44
Winston Churchill -->FDR 9/16/44
Churchill --> Mr.Martin re: text of communication to Marshal Stalin regarding Dumbarton Oaks Conference 9/19/44
Memo. Grace Tully -->Mr. Summerlin 9/21/44
Clementine Churchill --> Eleanor Roosevelt re: visit to Hyde Park 9/22/44 - Currently Unavailable
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 10/9/44
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 10/26/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: leaks to press about anti-submarine methods 11/10/44
Copy of New York Times article from London 11/8/44
Note from FDR 11/18/44 - Currently Unavailable
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: fascist regime in Argentina 11/17/44
Office memorandum Miss Moore --> [unknown! 11/18/44 - Currently Unavailable
"Longhand of the President" personalized message to Winston Churchill 11/20/44
Memo. FDR --> Admiral Leahy 11/22/44
Note: "FDR Longhand" re: Birthday telegram to Winston S. Churchill 11/29/44
FDR --> Winston S.Churchill; longhand note to Churchill. Birthday Wishes. (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Note djb --> Mr.Latta 12/4/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill (n.d.)
E.R. Stettinius, Jr.--> FDR re: reply to Prime Minister on Argentine meat 11/28/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: Sir John Dill 1/10/45
Joint Resolution of Congress enacted 12/20/44 recognizing Sir John Dill
Memorandum E.R. Stettinius,Jr. --> Miss Tully 1/10/45
Telegram to Churchill--> FDR and Stettinius
Telegram to American Embassy; London from E.R. Stettinius, Jr. re: Continued meat purchases by British Gov. from Argentina 11/29/44
Telegram E.R. Stettinius,Jr. --> Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina re: British meat purchases 12/7/44
Lord Halifax -->FDR 11/22/44
Telegrams exchanged between Prime Minister, FDR, Mr. Hull and Mr. Stettinius re: Argentine and British meat contracts 4/30-10/13/44
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: ceremony presenting Distinguished Medal to Lady Dill 1/11/45
Memorandum B.W. Davenport --gt; Gen. Watson 1/8/45
Memorandum G.C. Marshall,Chief of Staff --> FDR re: Joint Resolution-Dill 1/2/45
Note from Eleanor [Roosevelt! 1/8/45
Memorandum hms -->[unknown! 1/16/45
FDR --> Winston Churchill re: Field Marshal Dill American Distinguished Service Medal 1/10/45
Telegram from London --> Secretary of State- Copy of speech delivered in House of Commons by Churchill on 1/18/45
Memorandum Stettinius --> FDR re: exchange of messages between Mr. Churchill and General Franco 1/19/45
British Ambassador --> Secretary of State translation of letter from Gen. Franco to Spanish Ambassador in London 1/17/45
Text of Prime Minister's reply to General Franco (n.d.)
Translation of letter from General Franco to don Jacobo, Fitz James Stuart, Duke of Alba, Spanish Ambassador in Great Britain 10/18/44
Winston Churchill -->FDR 2/15/45
Winant --> Secretary of State re: visit to Russia by Mrs. Churchill 3/1/45. - Currently Unavailable
FDR --> Jimmy Byrnes 3/6/45 ` t335nn04 Draft of message to Churchill from [unknown!. (n.d.) - Currently Unavailable
Note: See map room box 7 FDR to WSC, no.712 - Currently Unavailable

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