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The documents in the Safe Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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Germany Index

  • Correspondence, Reports, and Maps from 5/41 - 10/43. Major correspondents include FDR, Welles, Donovan, Earl, Hull, Huddle, Kirk, Lane.
  • Topics include: Naval Department messages, declaration of war by Britain and France, Poland subject to German occupation, Russia as a US ally, conversations with the German Government, war rations, Panama, resources, trade
Great Britain Index
  • Maps, Reports, and Correspondence from 4/40 - 12/43. Major correspondents include FDR, Churchill, Welles, Butler, Lee, Beardall, Dill, Harriman.
  • Topics include: Battle reports, US-Iran relations, Red Army accomplishments
Greenland Index
  • Correspondence from 5/40 - 6/40. Correspondents include FDR, Callaghan, Penfield, Secretary of State.
  • Topics include:
Halifax, Lord Index
  • Correspondence from 5/41 - 12/41. Correspondents include FDR and Halifax.
  • Topics include:
Harriman, W. Averell Index
  • Correspondence and memorandum in 10/41. Correspondents include FDR, Hopkins, Berney, Tully, Winant.
  • Topics include:
Hayward, Mary Index
  • Memorandum with no date. Correspondents include Mary Hayward, FBI.
  • Topics include: FBI file on Hayward and others
Hohenlohe, Stefanie Von Index
  • Memorandum involving Princess Stephanie Von Hohenlohe.
  • Topics include: FBI file on Hohenlohe and others
Hopkins, Harry Index
  • Correspondence from 1/41 - 4/42. Correspondents include FDR, Petterson, Hopkins, Kirk, Harriman, Marshall.
  • Topics include: China, Philippines, Panama, Dutch East Indies, Singapore, battle reports, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Japan
Iceland Index
  • Memorandum and correspondence from 7/41 - 9/41. Correspondents include FDR and Admiral Stark.
  • Topics include: defense plans, strategies against the Axis Powers, Atlantic Fleet
India Index
  • Memorandum, correspondence, and a map from 3/42 - 5/42. Correspondents include FDR and Admiral Stark.
  • Topics include: Japanese threat to India
Ireland Index
  • Correspondence from 3/41 - 5/41.
  • Topics include: rejected unification of Ireland, Irish neutrality, distrust of Britain, Ireland's failure to cooperate with Allies
Italy Index
  • Correspondence and memorandum from 2/40 - 11/43. Correspondents include FDR, Chief of Staff, Phillips, Mooney, Kincaid, Bullitt.
  • Topics include:
Japan Index
  • Memorandum, reports, and correspondence from 9/39 - 6/42. Correspondents include FDR, Johnson, Gauss, Chief of Staff.
  • Topics include: economic impacts of the war, Japanese shipbuilding programs, battle reports, strength of the Japanese Navy
Kennedy, Joseph P. (Ambassador to Great Britain, 1938-1940) Index
  • Correspondence from 8/39 - 6/40. Correspondents include FDR, Sumner Welles, Kennedy, Secretary of State, Hull.
  • Topics include: German power, Poland, British policy, German negotiations with Britain
King, Ernest J. (Commander in chief of the U.S. fleet, 1942-1945) Index
  • Memorandum from 3/42 - 7/42. Correspondents include FDR, King, Marshall, Hopkins.
  • Topics include: battle strategies, confidential battle plans
Lend-Lease (American aid to Great Britain in 1941) Index
  • Correspondence and reports from 7/41 - 4/42. Correspondents include FDR, Stark, Canberra, Harriman, Stettinius.
  • Topics include: assessment of supplies, resources, trade
Lothian, Lord Index
  • Correspondence and memorandum from 10/39 - 6/40. Correspondents include FDR and Lord Lothian.
  • Topics include: resources, trade
Lubin, Isador Index
  • Correspondence, reports, and maps from 4/42 - 7/42. Correspondents include FDR, Lubin.
  • Topics include: merchant vessel losses, assessment of other losses, ship sinking
Marshall, George C., Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army including army air forces,1941 - 4/14/42 Index
  • Memorandum, reports, correspondence, and maps from Correspondents include FDR, McNarney, Marshall, Hopkins.
  • Topics include: shipping gains and losses
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