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The documents in the Safe Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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Outline Plans for Specific Operations: Book III Index

  • Index, outline, and reports (no date)
  • Topics included: Operations Sardinia, Dodecanese, Crete, Heel of Italy, Burma, Revised ANAKIM, and Toe and Heel of Italy
Outline Plans for Specific Operations: Book IV Index
  • Index, reports, and appendices (no date)
  • Topics included: Operations in Sumatra and the Azores and Seizure of Dodecanese
Pacific War Council Index
  • Correspondence and reports (charts included) dated 6/10/42; correspondents included Isador Lubin and John L. McCrea.
  • Topics included: Charts of War supplies-->airplanes, rifles, machine guns, and ammunition
Philippines Index
  • Correspondence dated between 1/7/42 and 3/22/42; correspondents included FDR, Sec. of War, MacArthur, Adjutant General, Pres. Quezon, Gen. Marshall, Stimson, AGO, Gen. Wainwright, and Capt. Datu Gumbay Piang.
  • Topics included: Operations in Philippines
Russia 1939-1941 Index
  • Correspondence, conferences, and a map dated between 10/17/39 and 11/25/41; correspondents included Cordell Hull, Amb. Steinhardt, FDR, Sec. of State, Lee, Sherman Miles, Hopkins, Winant, Harriman, and others.
  • Topics included: Russian activities during WWII, Russian-Finnish relations, Russian military divisions along German borders, Ukraine Situation, Conference with Stalin and Hopkins, US shipping of aircraft to Russia
Russia 1942-1945 Index
  • Correspondence, report, memos dated between 1/31/42 and 1/3/45; correspondents included FDR, Hopkins, Stalin, Welles, Winant, Harriman, and others.
  • Topics included: US shipment of military supplies to Russia, Lend-Lease Act, US-Soviet relations, US diplomats visits to Russia.
Saboteurs Index
  • Correspondence and memo dated 8/14/42; correspondents included FDR and S.U. Marietta.
  • Topics included: records of those tried for sabotage.
Sachs, Alexander Index
  • Correspondence and report dated between 8/2/39 and 9/29/65; correspondents included FDR, Albert Einstein, Alexander Sachs, Gen. Watson, Leo Szillard, and others
  • Topics included: Uranium and its different usages, Neutrality Act, National Defense, atomic bomb
South America Index
  • Correspondence and reports dated between 9/6/39-3/18/42; correspondents included FDR, Welles, Sec. of State, Braden, Nicholson, Dwyre, and Caffery.
  • Topics included: Secret Radio, Suspicion of Latin American officials as Axis Agents
Spain Index
  • Correspondence dated between 5/15/41 and 10/25/43; correspondents included FDR, HRS, Greene, Sec. of State, Hopkins, and Edgar
  • Topics included:
State Department Index
  • Correspondence and Proposed Statement dated between 9/1/39 and 12/19/41; correspondents included FDR, Hull, Bullitt, Sec. of State, Kennedy, Armour, Steinhardt, Braden, Bert Fish, Welles, Earle, Beck, and A.A. Berle, Jr.
  • Topics included:
Treasury Department Index
  • Correspondence dated between 9/27/39 and 7/11/41; correspondents included FDR, Hans Morgenthau, Alexander Kirk, Sec. of State, Opie, Cochran, and DRH.
  • Topics included: Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, criticism of dollar/sterling rate in the free market, O.N.I.
United Nations Conference 1 Index
  • Memoranda (no date)
  • Topics included: World Security, Security Council, formation of United Nations, European Situation, Post war problems and solutions
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