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Letter between FD Roosevelt and the New York Central Hudson river RR co, January 10. 1912
List of F.D.R.'s stocks and bonds
Deed between Dudley fuller and Mary his wife and Hudson river railroad co, July 5, 1849
Letter to Hackett from F.D.R., August 28, 1921
Letter between John Hackett and F.D.R., July 30, 1921
Letter from New York Telephone Company to Hackett, March 31, 1938
Letter to John M. Hackett from F.D.R., April 8, 1925
Letter to John M. Hackett from Franklin D. Roosevelt, December 30, 1926
Letter to F. D. R. from Hackett, Sept 24, 1929
Letter to John M. Hackett from F.D.R., December 3, 1931
Letter to Henry Hackett from F.D.R., August 25, 1931
Letter to President Roosevelt from Edward Mortimer Livingston, November 22, 1938
List of Rent payments 1944
Newspaper clippings of the President's new Home
Statement of rent received in 1938
Letter to Hackett from M.A. Lehand, Private Secretary of President Roosevelt's, 1924-1941
Letter to John M. Hackett from Governor Roosevelt, January 14, 1931
Memo to Director from the United States Department of Interior National Park Service
Land Sketches of the FDR library site
Letter to Hackett from Gertrude S. Cooper (NPS), February 14, 1944
Letter to FDR from the Democratic National Committee, October 21, 1938
Newspaper article from the New York Times, June 15, 1938
Notice of taxes owed for the Franklin D. Roosevelt lands January 24, 1939
State Document granting James Roosevelt, O'Connor and Hackett executors to FDR's will July 5, 1945
Will of Sarah D. Roosevelt September 7, 1941
Copy of official Death notice of F.D.R. April 12, 1945
F.D.R.'s asset appraisal November, 15, 1950
F.D.R.'s business and investment prospects of 1950
Claim from Internal Revenue Service, December 29, 1949
Statement of Business and Investment Prospects November 1, 1949
Memo, January 27, 1948
Statement of regards of F.D.R.'s paper that President Truman put aside
Letter from FDR to John Hackett, December 31, 1923
Report by Mr. Mack, September 29, 1930
Statement of injuries, car accident, September 1930
Letter from Arnold T. Koch to Henry Hackett, November 5, 1930
Note accompanying #30, October 20, 1938 from JMD
Letter from J.J. Doran to James A. Farley, October 20, 1938

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